Sewing Room

The Magic Room

I find it hard to stay focused on projects like – oh say – a blog, but if I do a post every time I sew, we should get on quite well.

For post one, I thought I would introduce you to The Magic Room – aka where I sew. I just got my room set up this summer, so it is quite new. It is also missing some elements I intend to add in the future (like a design wall) and has a few additional elements that will get subtracted with time (I’m looking at you, shower unit for the bathroom reno).

Welcome to The Magic Room!

The Magic Room

On the far left, you can see my distraction quilt (the piecing project that keeps distracting me from the other time-sensitive quilts on my machine). The little cupboard hold all my notions and rulers (the smaller ones, at least!) The open cabinets below hold thread racks, work in process projects (WIPs), and my patterns. There is a monitor enroute for my desk – right now, I just have my tablet set up when I’m watching something while sewing.

Angela Walters – Quilting Is My Therapy

It makes following along on YouTube so easy!

I’m working on my first free-motion quilt (FMQ). I’ll talk more about that in another post if you’re wondering what it is. I have my quilting templates taped to the wall for quick reference. Having a large table makes FMQ so much easier! It’s also nice for piecing. My largest cutting mat fits nicely and I can cut up a whole project in a sitting.

sewing machine
Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 930

If you’re like me, you’re always curious about other sewers’ machines. I purchased this guy back in May and I love it!! It’s a little crochety about FMQ, but my dealer helped me sort out most of my tension issues. Having a 10″ harp is so worth the extra money in FMQ.

I believe I’ve rambled on enough for now. I’ll leave you with a picture of my quilting nemesis: the cat.


black cat
Neiko camping on a quilt

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