Old Year, Old Quilt

I know, I know – it’s technically 2019, but I would have finished this quilt in 2018 if I hadn’t gotten sick on the last day of the year. And I did finish the quilting, just not (what turned out to be) the overly-complicated binding, so I’m counting it as a 2018 finish.

Since pictures of the quilting are in the last image, I’m focusing on the binding for this post.

The backing suited the fabric so perfectly that I decided to use it as the binding. That’s a bit of the problem, though, because that makes the binding fade right into the backing. So … use the left-over pieces from the quilt top! It’ll be easy, right?

First issue – I have some cut squares of fabric and some half-square triangle pieces. I had to sort all the pieces so the half-square triangles seamlessly fit around the cut squares. That was … fun. But I did it! On to squaring up the quilt!

I folded the quilt in half and pinned around the edge. This made sure that the quilt layers did. not. budge. when I cut it. Once the the sides were pinned down, I borrowed my husband’s straight edge ruler (THANK YOU HUNNY!!!) and my quilting ruler to make-shift a square. I would have used my husband’s carpenter square, but it’s hiding somewhere out in the shed and it was -30C out … so forget that. 😀 By stacking the straight edge ruler on top of my quilting ruler, I created a firm brace for running the rotary cutter along the straight edge. Oh, forget it … a picture paints a thousand words.

Using this method, I could make sure that the ruler stayed squared to the previous row while cutting the next one. Now it’s ready for binding!

At this point, I took the 2-3 inch edge scraps I cut off the quilt earlier and cut them into 1.5″ strips to make the front-facing binding. I also cut two 1.5″ strips from the made up square ribbon (6″ wide by who knows how long) and sewed the two strips together. This led to the second issue – the strip-cutting and sewing together and flattening along the fold took 4-5 hours total. I am sooooo not ever doing this again … even though it looks stunning (if I do say so myself).

Since I’m doing machine binding, I started by sewing the pretty pieced side of the binding to the back of the quilt, then flipped the binding over the top and secured the backing binding to the front using a blanket stitch. I need to practice doing this in the future, but the beauty of making a husband quilt is being able to make mistakes without having to worry about giving my mistakes away as a gift.

And the big reveal!

(I will be adding a last set of pictures to this blog post when I am able to take pretty outdoor pictures of the quilt in the new snow (all lovely 10″ of the blasted stuff). I am trying to keep this blog mostly positive, but I will not ever express love for the super-cold we are currently experiencing in conjecture with the white bits. I’m a summer gal – I needs me hot sunny sun sun!)

In 2019 – more frequent blog posts. Starting with my dad’s birthday quilt. Since his birthday is Groundhog’s Day (and he’s not following my blog at the mo), I’ll post my progress here and I’ll be starting soon!


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