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Doubling Down

I mentioned making twinsies quilts for my nieces from Peter Pan fabric, remember? Super cute? 😀

Peter Pan by Sarah Jane, Michael Miller Fabrics

I got a quite a bit of work done on them during the last week. Last weekend was a remote sewing retreat hosted by the Crazy Quilter on a Bike. It’s a really good excuse to stay glued to my sewing machine for long stretches at a time. I got so much done!! But first … The prep-work. 😛

Honestly, getting the quilt cut up took longer than putting it together. And quilting it. Yeah … cutting it took FOREVER. That was slightly my fault, though.

I wanted to make big squares that featured the fabric, so after some study, I decided to make a snowball quilt! Super simple block. It’s supposed to be an easy sew where you put squares on the four corners, sew point to point, then cut off the excess and iron the corners out. Here’s an example picture I borrowed from www.thesprucecrafts.com.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough fabric for the corners. I wanted to do two fabrics in the corner and I still didn’t have enough. SOOOO LAME. So I had to cut the squares in half, measure the fabric on the corners, pin down, then sew. It was roughly 3 times the work … but I did it and it looked pretty good!

Once all the blocks were cornered up and pressed, the process went really fast! I had both quilts pieced together in about 1.5 hours. And it only took that long because I totally mixed up what pieces went where … M’s head was NOT in the game. 😀 But it got done! My quilting table is locked in the basement behind husband equipment, so I disrupted his nap and kicked him out of the bed so I could use it to baste the quilt. I’m so mean. 😛

Snowball quilt top

By the end of the afternoon, I was all niece quilted out. I switch gears and started working on Christmas gifts. I’m working on a table runner for my mum (since she didn’t get one last year). After an hour and TOTALLY BOTCHING IT, I quit for the night.
So.Much.Ripping.Out. Urrrrrrrrgh.

Starting this past week, I got to the quilting! I decided to do something super simple. Thank goodness … what with computer being set up on the quilting desk, it turns out that I can’t do the quilting the way I used to. I’m going to need to figure out a different desk setup in order to quilt up the way I like to. For now, I’m going to just focus on piecing up my UFO quilt tops and store them for now. Then I’ll have to go on a quilting bender. 😀 I got super excited to try a new technique, though!

Actually, it’s two quilting techniques. The first technique is walking-foot quilting. It’s really good for quilting *relatively* straight lines or stitch-in-the-ditch quilting. I did a bit of both! The straight lines were extra fun because I decided to use the decorative stitches that come with my sewing machine!

This is something that I’ve been meaning to try for a while. I did try with the binding, but I had nothing but problems. I think I picked a stitch that was too complex, but it was still worth trying to find out it didn’t work. I think a simple side-to-side decorative stitch will work on the binding, but nothing that goes back and forth. The medium intensity stitches seem to work fine for quilting! I was looking for something that would match up with the pattern in the fabric. Some of the fabrics have tiny little six-point stars printed on them. I found a couple of stitches that looked very similar, so I made a little test-strip with fabric, batting, and backing to test with. Another excellent feature that I love about my sewing machine is the ability to create “custom” stitches. I mostly used it to stitch out basic labels in the past, but I used it here to put a lot of straight stitches between the stars as I didn’t want a full row of star stitch after star stitch. I finally settled on a length that I liked, saved it to my favourites, and switched over to the quilt!

As of this entry, I have one quilt almost 100% complete! The other quilt has already been basted and is waiting for its turn under the needle, then I just need time to trim and bind! That shouldn’t be too much work! I have two job interviews coming up this week, though, so I won’t be doing much on this until Thursday. I may not have much time to quilt much of anything before next Friday, actually, so don’t be surprised if there isn’t much of an update next week.

I leave you with this: A FINISHED SPOOL!!! I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but this was my first big long-arm sized spool of thread. I bought it to make the husband quilt almost two (TWO YEARS ALREADY!!) years ago. You may remember that I had all sorts of issues with thread breakage, so I stopped using it for quilting and started using it for piecing. I’ve used it almost exclusively to piece my quilts and I finally used it up! I remember being a little scared that I’d spent 50 whole dollars on it, but look at how long it’s lasted and how much I’ve done with it! Totally worth the price for the amount of use. I think I’ve pieced 6 quilts with it so far, so that rings in at under $10 per quilt for thread and that was after doing all the stitching on the husband quilt with it. I’ll be doing that again!

Bye bye Superior Thread!

~ M

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