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Deadline: Smashed

So as of last post, I had already met my UFO goal of getting the Brothers Bear quilt top pieced and had high hopes of getting it completely done. I’m happy to report a 95% success rate!

Basting it up!

On Monday night, I took the top down to the kitchen and basted it with backing and batting. That was my only goal for Monday and (as it turned out) for the balance of the week. Life sometimes gets in the way of sewing. SO ANNOYING. 😉 I did have time to try a new idea! During the days leading up to the quilting, I often think about the blocks I’ll be working on and come up with quilt designs to use. In the past, I printed off a copy of the pattern and doodled lines on it. This week, I made a copy of some of the pictures I used in the last blog post and drew on them with my computer! Isn’t that cool?? It’s not even that hard. I know a lot of others do this using their iPads – evidently, there’s an app that comes with it that you can use to draw on. I have a copy of Adobe Sketch that I used. It helped me figure out what I wanted to do – and for the most part, I stuck to my doodles. 🙂 I changed the rows around a bit, too – I think it works a little better in the final version.

Friday night was my first class for the BOTM this year. I’m doing Tula Pink’s 100 modern city blocks. Why is no one surprised that I’m doing this class?? It’s not just about the Tula in this case. All these blocks are super simple. Even though we’re getting assigned 10 blocks per class, I’m pretty sure I can do all 10 in a couple of hours. It’s a simple way to get some learning in this year without over-taxing my schedule. I’m planning on using up parts of my Tula Pink out-of-print fabric. There’s no point in having fabric you don’t intend to use – at least, that’s what I think. I intend to use up all the fabric I have – I don’t want to be a “collector”. Does that mean I’ll stop collecting cute things that come up for future projects? Of course not!!! I wouldn’t have had the perfect nephew blanket fabric if I hadn’t have impulse-bought the cute Canadian fabric. I’m extremely glad I bought it. 🙂 And I have concrete plans for at least two of my Tula lines – I just need to get to making the quilts. But that’s what this UFO club is for, right? Speaking of …

Saturday was supposed to be my first quilting day for Brothers Bear, but that didn’t happen. Actually, I’m not 100% sure what did happen on Saturday. Oh right – since Ontario is in a state of emergency again, we’re on lock down. Saturday was running around to do curbside pickup of necessities and groceries with an impromptu nap in the middle. I was tired. I was supposed to take vacation in a couple of weeks, but we’re not permitted to be outside except to walk the dog. I don’t mind staying away from people, but if I’m taking vacation, I need to be able to go somewhere to get outside. If I can’t do that, I’m going to try to postpone the time. I’m thinking March instead, but there may be other things that come up to change that. We’ll see! 😉 (not cryptic at all …)

Now we’re on to Sunday. I woke up fairly early for a weekend and decided to get up and get at it. I’m finding that I’m dead for the first few work days if I let my schedule get too much out of whack on the weekend (case in point: writing my blog at 3AM Monday morning since I haven’t been able to sleep. Yay getting old …). I modified my desk as best I could to quilt, then got started. Guys … I quilted the whole top in one day. That’s crazy!!! By the time it started getting dark at 5:30 (winter in Canada is painfully real), I felt like stopping, but I only had 2 1/2 rows left!!! 2 rows were very simple and quick. I couldn’t just stop!! So I powered through and this quilt is officially DUN. 😀 I was so pumped! I even set up the table again (last time for a while!) and trimmed off the edges. Now all I have to do is the binding! That may not happen today due to exhaustion, but I’d like to be able to have it done no later than end of day Tuesday. Imagine submitting a completed quilt for UFO homework when only the top was required!! So pumped.

All quilted up! (minus borders)

Getting it done wasn’t without sacrifices. My back is letting me know that it’s considering spasming out (old car accident from college that comes back to haunt me every so often). My sewing machine was a bit of a casualty as well. The backing for this quilt was a bright green zig-zag flannel. I think it’s common knowledge that I don’t pre-wash my fabric (right now it’s not an option with my washing machine on the fritz). Welp … the bed of my sewing machine has a slight green tint to it now. 😦 I don’t know why they insist on making sewing machines white – it seems like a bad idea for multiple reasons. At least it’s not bright green, just a shade of white with a green tint. And it may rub off with time – I seem to remember this happened to me before and the colour eventually went away. Here’s hoping?

A tint of Elphaba

Don’t let winter get you down. Spring is coming!!! The days are already starting to get longer and January is almost over. Once we’re past the worst month, winter moves along a lot faster. 🙂 We’re almost through!


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