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Christmas Fig Finish!

Not to give away the post plot, but … I’m done the blocks!!!! YAY!!!

Last block in the list was the Tree of Life. I started the HSTs last week, so the boring part of the piecing was out of the way! I just had to make sure all the triangles were pointing the same way before sewing them together. It went together like a dream. I was even able to spin all the seams on the back! Now I’m wishing I took a picture of that … I did take a picture of the tree trunk before attaching it. I think it looks like an arrow!

That officially means that all my Christmas Fig blocks are done!! Now I just have to square up all the blocks to the right size, put in the sashing, and I’ll have a finished “flimsy”. I just learned that some parts of the world call a finished quilt top a flimsy. Still learning new things here! I like the term. It may show up again. 😉 Now I have to decide if I’m actually going to give up that quilt to the intended owner.

All the finished blocks – PACKED away!

Sorry for the short update this week. Next week – the Tula Pink blocks!! I’m so excited. I have the Tula fabric all picked out. I may even get started before the weekend!


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