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Public Service Announcement

I don’t know where you are right now, but here where I am, we are getting snow, snow, and more snow. I’ve literally been shovelling every day the past week except for yesterday. While it is a good work out, we’re starting to run out of places to store the excess snow. It’s madness! Of course, Snowdog thinks it’s amazing. He is asking for walks all day long. At least someone is happy!

Snow-covered Snowdog

This past weekend was the Crazy Quilter’s virtual retreat, so I took the opportunity to get my Tula blocks all finished up! I swear it took me twice as along to cut everything as it did to sew it together, but I did manage to get it all done! I was super excited about this month because I’ve been wanting to make two particular blocks for some time now. What do you think?

I was VERY happy with how they turned out! I originally wanted to make the bee block using a face out of the De La Luna line, but only once face would have fit in the 4” opening and it would have been very tight. When I matched up the face, there just wasn’t enough contrast between any of the three blocks. Since I’ve already cut into my All Stars collection, I decided to go with the bee print. I like how the two colours compliment each other. I think I made the right choice!

Once again – sorry for the short-and-sweet blog post. I also have to apologize in advance for being absent for the next week or two because … WE’RE MOVING!!! We put a bid in on a house at the start of January and it was accepted, so we will be moving all this coming week. My sewing room will be the last room to get put back together and organized. My wonderful husband is spoiling me with one of the biggest bedrooms as my sewing room and he’s getting me a new sewing table! It will not get delivered until the end of the month. My office space and my sewing space will once again be separate, so I won’t have a place to set up the sewing machines until I get the table delivered and installed, so I may not have any updates for this site for the first little bit. Don’t fret, though – I will be back and I will have lots more to talk about!!!


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