Sewing Room

New Digs

Well, we made it!

*Mostly* moved in, *mostly* settled … but the sewing room is 85% there and that’s the important part, right??

I know in my last post, I mentioned I’d be taking the big bedroom for my sewing room, but I actually took the small room. Why do you ask?? Layout. The smaller room is significantly longer than the big room and I much preferred the wall layout, so I opted for the small room and we’ll turn the big room into the guest bedroom when we get around to it. We’re still not supposed to have company where we live as per the COVID rules, so we don’t really need to worry about sleepover visitors yet.

Check it out!!!

I even have stuff up on the wall. Aren’t you proud of me? And I bought and hung new curtains!! I love them so much. Husband thinks they’re hideous, but who asked him?? πŸ˜€ They’re purple with some green-shift in them. Even I have to admit they don’t look super great when closed at night (the circumstances of this picture), but when pulled back in daylight? I think they’re lovely! FYI – those units are MONSTOUSLY heavy. I promised Husband that, in our next move, one of them will remain behind. Not Fabrique Estates, but that unit is swiftly coming to the end of its life. It made some horrible cracking noises when we moved it. It still seems solid, but if it simply falls apart while moving next time, I will morn it but it had a good long life. Plus … that means shopping, right???? πŸ˜€

The fabric has been completely re-organized. Literally the only thing in the same place is the solids. I’m not 100% happy with the fabric placement, but it’s good enough for now. At least it’s in the house and put away! Once my kits make it into the house, they will be filed in Tupperware bins and will take up residence on the closet floor. I’m going to commit to getting all my purchased kits made after my UFOs are caught up. I’d rather not have stuff stashed everywhere in the future. Yes, my clothes are in the sewing closet for now. The cats are living in the master bedroom closet and with their litter box, so my clothes are in a “fresher” location for the time being. πŸ˜€ Evidently, cats need to slowly adjust to new living environments one room at a time and that makes the most sense. It *shouldn’t* be permanent.

You may also have noted that there’s nowhere to set up a sewing machine. That seems like an oversight, right? Well … I have a new sewing desk coming and it should be delivered this week!!!! POSSIBLY EVEN TOMORROW! I’m going to put the desk in the middle of the room so I can sit on either side to do sewing. Dual sewing machine setup, anyone?? πŸ˜€ I’ll be able to piece AND quilt simultaneously!!! I am so looking forward to it and love that I have the space to comfortably do that!

This is all I have to share with you today, but next week should be exciting!!! If I do get the desk this week, I have lots to be working on right away!


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