Too Hot To Quilt

I apologize for the absence since my last post. I have thought about posting a couple of times each week, but it is hard to post something when you don’t really have anything to show for it. It has been VERY warm here the last while. I’m not complaining!!! I love the heat. BUT … it really is too hot to do much crafting. I have sweat running down my back within 30 minutes, then I bail and go nap in the bedroom with the air-con. 😀 The weather is supposed to break in a couple of weeks, then I’ll be back full time.

I may not have done much, but I have done a little! Shall I show you?

Some of the August blocks

The Tula quilt is carrying on. I spend one-two days picking out the focus fabric for each block. Once I’m ready to start sewing, I just need to open to the block, cut the focus fabric I have waiting there, cut out the solid, and sew! At my worst, I was getting 1 block a night done, but 1 is a step above none, right? And I haven’t missed a deadline yet. We are on track!

The quilt is coming!!!

This is my wall as it stands. I like how the quilt top is coming together! My goal this month is to get the 2 rows on both sides together and off the wall so I can spread out the remaining blocks. Since I’ve started added the sashing, the blocks are becoming a wee bit squished, but they’re staying up so that’s all that really matters. I’ll have to study on that, though. I was looking at the wall and thinking that I may want to leave out a couple of rows to bring the size down a bit. That would mean … that I’m already done maybe??? I think there’s only 2 months of 10 blocks each left. Hmmmm … that will definitely be this week’s project to decide …


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