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The Rush Is On

There’s a magic date in September where I go from having a *relatively* normal life pace to MAD DASH TO CHRISTMAS!! The date used to be Sept 19. My brother and sister’s birthdays are 2 days away from each other (Sept 19 & 21), so family festivities usually started there. Now we have a new date. Sept 18 – nephew birthday!! He turned 1. My goodness – has it really been a year? It feels like a year, but it also feels longer in some ways. I’ve had a lot of changes crammed into one year!

September is just the first stop on family gatherings. Next up: Canadian Thanksgiving (this year: Oct 11), then Halloween, then Niece 1 November birthday (the oldest), Niece 2 December birthday, Husband & SIL birthday, then Christmas.

See? I told you. MAD DASH. And that’s just for my family. Husband family needs holiday visits too!

This September got a bit more funky than usual because … well, life happens. We had in-law commitments one weekend (work party weekend), then I had the Birthday Explosion weekend, then I had an older relative holding outdoor get-together (age and health indicate this may be the last time I see them). Every weekend, booked. I didn’t even get to attend Crazy Quilter’s Zoom session! I KNOW!!! Tantamount to heresy that. You may have guessed that very little quilting was done. Some! But not much. But here’s what we have!

I buckled down and got 4 more Christmas Fig blocks done. I think I may need to rename this quilt. It’s not very Christmassy with the blues. Maybe I’ll call it Skilly & Duff. That’s a seafarer’s treat made with figs/plums – close enough! My commitment this month is 6 blocks quilted and the due date is next week!!!! So that is going to be my focus for any quilting time this month.

I’ve taken another look at my Tula Pink quilt and decided to pull a column out. The finished size of the full quilt is 90”x90”. Pulling out a row will make it 90”x80” ish, which is close to twin size. That’s about the size I was aiming for anyways, so that’s a better fit for me! It also gives me the breathing room to skip the assigned October blocks if I want. I may do that and pick and choose my last 10 blocks from the available 20. Make what I want! I did manage to get the 2 outer rows on each side sashed and sewn together in 4 patches. If I have time this month, I could put the green/blue and blue rows together. Then I’ll only have purple and purple/blue to focus on!

Now that I look at everything, I actually DID get a lot done! More than I expected I would, at least!


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