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Baggin’ It

My June UFO commitment is to get caught up on the presents I was trying to get made for Christmas and ran out of time to do. With all the lockdowns, I didn’t bother picking it back up. That’s subject to change, though. We’re supposed to come out of lockdown at the start of June . First thing I intend to do is go visit my family. My sisters were both supposed to get bags (not that they know that), but the niece quilts took priority. Now I get to finish them!!!

I was supposed to finish the one I started in December for SisterD, but of course … I got distracted. I blame my father-in-law. If I hadn’t finished his quilt (mostly), I wouldn’t have all these pretty scraps just BEGGING to be made into a tote bag. That means SisterN is getting her bag finished first.

Okay, maybe it’s partially my fault. I’ve been re-watching episodes of the Midnight Quilt Show with Angela Walters on my lunch break. I like watching them for inspiration, especially the quilting designs. I’ve already got 2 more quilts planned with fabrics I bought when I first started quilting. Like I need more projects!! One of her episodes was about making a quilted bag. The template was offered for free on Craftsy which became Bluprint which has become Craftsy again … It changed hands a couple of times, hence the re-branding. With those changes, the pattern directions are no longer available on the site. I almost couldn’t find this pattern, but I finally stumbled across a PDF shared on the internet with the pattern! Who hoo!

While I have a decent amount of scraps, I don’t have enough to make it totally out of 2.5 strips, so I took all the extra strips and just mix them all up with the standard strips. It gives the strip-units a less-braidy look, but I like the way it’s turned out!

I was so excited to have the exterior done within a couple of days. I’d go in with the intent to do one braid unit and SURPRISE get sucked in to finish 3 or 4. Next step – put the braids together. Because this is a bag and it may not see the most gentle use, I decided to serge the panels together for more rigidity. Yes, it makes the seams a little little bulkier, but it’s a bag. That doesn’t really matter. After serging the units and the top border, I attached some batting and started on the quilting!!

This bag is really busy and the fabric on it is sooo beautiful, so I didn’t want to do too much more than stitching the batting to the fabric. I still wanted to practice a bit, though, so I decided to do some free-motion stitching in the odd strip. I think this looks pretty good! And the ribbon candy design is definitely getting better with practice. I think it like it best on narrow strips – I struggle making it look good on wider strips.

The pattern calls for a pieced liner. This teenie tiny pile of strips is all I have left (YAY almost no scraps!!!), so I’m going to use a single piece of fabric as the liner. Since I’ve got just enough to also make the straps out of the liner fabric, I will use it there as well.

All that remains of the Crystal Waters bundle

All in all – this is a pretty quick little tote sew. It looks super cute, it’s a good way to use up fat quarter bundles, and who doesn’t like a tote bag!! 😀 Next up: the SisterD work tote.


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May UFO project

Sorry – got distracted with my new June UFO commitments and forgot to post what I finished last month. 😀

One of my UFO goals is to get my class-based blocks from past years finished up. My last class from FibreChick was interrupted by the pandemic. I got all the remaining blocks, but I haven’t gotten around to making any additional ones.

Normally, I would make the remaining 6, but I picked up a panel over the holidays to make these blocks with again. I like the layout she designed for the 6.5 squares and thought it would be perfect for this Amish barn-quilt panel. And getting the first 6 blocks made is my May-month UFO.

6.5” block panel

I used the monthly retreat hosted by the Crazy Quilter to get to work on the new blocks. I may have had the Courthouse steps made before the retreat weekend, but most of the blocks were created during the retreat.

One thing I’d forgotten about is how much I intensely dis-like the drunkard’s path blocks. As far as I’m concerned, they take too much time to make. And I got extra frustrated because I made all the blocks I need to complete it … then realized I forgot a whole circle block. GAHHHH!!! But finally, at the end, I had all the blocks made and May UFO is done!

I am switching gears a little bit for June. Don’t worry – I intend to have both these flimsies finished by summer’s end! Maybe even have one quilted?? We’ll have to see …


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UFO Surprise

Sorry it took forever to get this post out. I needed to step back from doing too much and this was one of those things. Self-care and all that, but I’m back now. 🙂

Since I could only make 1 Christmas Fig block and nothing else …. why not do some honest-to-goodness quilting to flesh out the UFO goals for April??

Remember this? I basted it last summer thinking I would have time (and desk space) to do quilting over the winter …. right. So now I have the exact right amount of time to quilt it!! I think I’m going to wind up keeping it. I might as well, right? I need a table runner too!! Not that I HAVE a table at this time … but still!

I started out with the tree. Since I’ve done this 2 times already, I had a clear vision of that I wanted. Now that I’ve decided to keep it, I decided to do the quilting free-hand. I need the practice and I prefer the activity. I decided just to do straight lines coming to a point. I think it worked out well, even if it’s not perfectly straight! If I ever make another one of these, I think I would do this again, just with a ruler.

Next up was the creamy background. I took a chance with the thread. I had this rose-gold Glide thread and I thought it matched small parts of the background that had a pinky colour pretty well. And it just fit right in! Yay! The stipple has become my go-to filler for unobtrusive dense background quilting. It takes practice to keep the bends looking casual and uniform, so I figure continual practice hurts no one. I decided to do the trunks with the same rose-gold colour so the design would stand out. It was either this or the green and I think this is the better choice. I got inspired by an old tree trunk root in our front yard. I was looking at the rings in the wood over the weekend and “DING” – that part just fell into place. It’s not the best fit, but I like how it looks and I don’t think it looks too bad. It’s staying!

Semi-final step – the red borders. I decided to try doing a ribbon candy design down the sides and what I like to think of as loopy lillies in the triangles. I need practice with the ribbon candy, but I think part of the problem is that you need to have 2 edges to work against. Since I’m binding it, I didn’t use the top edge because the binding will cut off part of the design. I was getting a feel for it by the end, so hopefully just practice required to get perfect. 🙂

I used a cream binding to finish it off. I auditioned a few fabrics and this one was what I had in stash that suited it the most.


I also made new quilting gloves!! My Mashinger gloves were getting downright yucky, despite washing them. And the elastic was coming out of the wrist. I bought some gardening gloves and cut off fingers so I can still use my phone when I quilt! Of course, I cut the wrong fingers off, so now I look like a 4-fingered muppet when I quilt. I may have to try again in the future. After these ones wear out/get grubby, that is.

The table runner is now on my door table. I don’t have a good picture just yet, but it definitely works well. I’m just so glad to have it finished up and in use! 🙂


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UFO Calamity

My goal for April was to get my Christmas Fig top together. I thought it would be a relatively easy goal – all the blocks are together, so I just need to do the sashing, right?

That sentence never ends well.

First off, I had to go through my scraps to find enough pieces to do the 4-patch corners. There are 30 of them in all. I didn’t want to stick to two colours since I’m working with a FQ bundle and I didn’t want to cut anymore of the fabric strips than I had to, so I first cut down any bits and pieces I had, then figure out how much I needed from strips. It turned out to be not much at all!! I was very thrifty. 🙂 And it was nice to do all the work from right beside my computer at the big cutting mat. The chain piecing turned into something of a rope, but all the pieces fit on the pressing station when time came to press them down. I spent a couple of leisurely evenings getting the 4-patches made!

Next step is getting the blocks ready. Some of the blocks aren’t exactly 16.5”. When making them, some called for strips around the outside of the block. I didn’t bother because I figured I would just do them all with strips. That … was not fun. Thankfully I was on Zoom for one of Crazy Quilter’s virtual retreat. By the time the call was up at the end of the night, I wanted to throw the whole project in time-out. It just means I need practice, though, at figuring out how much fabric I need to get the right size. I can do that!

Monday evening, I started putting up all my blocks on the design wall so I could figure out if I wanted to follow the pattern exactly or mix up some of the blocks. That’s when I discovered …

I MISSED A BLOCK. How did that happen??? I swear I counted all the blocks multiple times and compared it to the book. How could I be short a block?? Did it get lost during the move? With the blocks laid out according to the pattern, it was easy to see which one was missing (ironically, it just happened to be the very last block in the very last row – that was not intentional!) I flipped through the book and found the Pinwheel Swirl. After looking at it for a bit, I don’t think I actually ever made that one (at least it’s not lost!!!!) Thankfully, I had a long weekend coming up. I could just make it then!

… or not. Sorry not sorry – the weather was BEAUTIFUL over that weekend. All I wanted to do was be outside! I cut down a couple of huge cedar shrubs that were planted right beside the foundation of the house (honestly – who does that??? The roots will crack out your foundation and make a huge mess. Save foundation gardens for flowers or foundation-friendly plants like roses). Snowdog cavorted in yard was his typical terror self. He even tried to climb into the neighbour’s car and go for a drive with them! DON’T BLAM ME … Husband thought he could let Snowdog out on his own. That should teach him. Things were raked up, dog bombs were cleaned up, and campfires were had. I LOVE being able to have a fire in our own backyard at long last! Now we just need to build up a stack of wood that is actually dry and not 25 years old … but we’ll get that old, punky, wet stuff burned up eventually. 🙂

And now we’re staring down the barrel of the deadline gun. My Tula blocks are due in a week and my UFO is due 2 days later. Gotta get chopping!!!!

The block went together fairly quickly. The seams are a little bulky, but work fine. Unfortunately, making the final block made something very clear to me. I can’t finish this quilt top right now. I don’t have enough of the background fabric to finish. I will have to go back to Fabricland to get enough to finish, but since we’re going back into lockdown, that will not be happening anytime soon. I let the Crazy Quilter know I would have to change my UFO for this month. I’ve finished the block. Next week – the second part of my surprise April UFO.


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And We’re Back

I completely forgot to get back to the blog. Sorry!!! When you get out of a habit, it can be hard to get back into it. Even this week is late … OH WELL. We still made it! I have two weeks worth of updates, so let’s start with first things first, shall we?

DESK ARRIVED!!! I’m pretty sure the desk showed up 2 days after writing my last post. Even though I was pretty tired that week, I still took time to put the whole thing together the first day it arrived. I’m so glad I did!! It let me jump straight into my first project!

When we moved in, one of the few new things we bought was a new couch. The old one HAD IT. Grungy, stinky (cat and dog nest for the last year or so), and not entirely in one piece anymore. We agreed that the old couch would not enter the new house, so a new couch arrived along with us. I really love it. We totally lucked out for buying sight unseen, only what was in stock. I didn’t really care what we got, but I wanted a sectional that was in stock because wait times are tracked in terms of months with the current craziness going on. I did keep the old throw pillows from the previous couch. I figured “pillows are pillows”. I tossed them through the wash and they came out smelling great! Looks, though, not so great. The tears and worn seams, I get – they’re 10 years old after all – but how in heaven’s name did it get a bleach stain???

Now that I had my sewing desk set up, I wanted to make new pillow coverings! My original plan was to go to Fabricland for some upholstery fabric, but Fabricland has been very nutty in our region. We were in lockdown almost 2 months longer than any of the surrounding municipalities. When our restrictions finally lifted, the stores went bananas. So, I’ve been waiting to go to places like Fabricland. Their parking lot is usually only full-to-overflowing on the 40% off store-wide sale day they have once a year. It was overflowing for a week straight after lockdown. Suddenly, I remembered I had a large-enough piece of tougher-than-normal cotton that would do the trick! I got it at a guild meeting during the penny sale and it’s been sitting in Fabrique Estates awaiting a purpose. Now it has one!

Item 1: set up my serger. The other reason I picked this as my first project was to test out the dual-sided sewing desk real estate. It actually worked out very well!! The desk is a little tight to the wall on the far side (mostly due to the baseboard heater sticking out), but it’s usable for short uses. I may angle my desk a little to give that side a bit more chair room in the future … not a bad idea.

Item 2: Cut up the fabric and SERGE. Note to self – double-check the fabric before cut WHAT ARE YOU DOING??????
Evidently, I need a refresher course on sewing. I had a little fabric to spare, but not enough to make mistakes with. When I was cutting my pieces doubled up, I didn’t check the underside of the first square and missed about an inch of fabric. Thankfully, it was close enough to the seam that I could just patch in a piece to make up the seam allowance. You can’t even tell now … but I still can’t believe I was that dense. I blame the excitement on having a HUGE cutting space at the end of my sewing desk to take advantage of. I haven’t even used my cutting station yet!!! This is is just too convenient.

Once the serger was set up (I had to re-watch the tutorial on how to do that because … I forgot …) serging the pieces together went VERY fast. I made the slips a little snug so the current pillows would fit in tightly. I left the old fabric on to give it a bit of stability. It’s all clean, so I don’t think it will matter. Once the pillow was stuffed in, all that was left to do was sew down the edge and we’re finished!!

That part got a little tricky. I could have put a zipper in to make it removable (and invisible), but I don’t want to waste a zipper. I could also have sewn the ends in by hand, but that takes time AND I wanted to use my room set up!!! What I settled for instead was using my zipper foot to get as close to the pillow form as possible and leave a small lip to the top of the pillow. It’s a little unprofessional looking, but this isn’t supposed to be the forever fabric and it looks good enough. Good enough works for me!

And pillows are now finished! That was one evening’s work for all three pillows. My sewing appetite has been whetted, the couch looks decently good, and there are projects to work on!!

Next up: UFO homework.


Sewing Room

New Digs

Well, we made it!

*Mostly* moved in, *mostly* settled … but the sewing room is 85% there and that’s the important part, right??

I know in my last post, I mentioned I’d be taking the big bedroom for my sewing room, but I actually took the small room. Why do you ask?? Layout. The smaller room is significantly longer than the big room and I much preferred the wall layout, so I opted for the small room and we’ll turn the big room into the guest bedroom when we get around to it. We’re still not supposed to have company where we live as per the COVID rules, so we don’t really need to worry about sleepover visitors yet.

Check it out!!!

I even have stuff up on the wall. Aren’t you proud of me? And I bought and hung new curtains!! I love them so much. Husband thinks they’re hideous, but who asked him?? 😀 They’re purple with some green-shift in them. Even I have to admit they don’t look super great when closed at night (the circumstances of this picture), but when pulled back in daylight? I think they’re lovely! FYI – those units are MONSTOUSLY heavy. I promised Husband that, in our next move, one of them will remain behind. Not Fabrique Estates, but that unit is swiftly coming to the end of its life. It made some horrible cracking noises when we moved it. It still seems solid, but if it simply falls apart while moving next time, I will morn it but it had a good long life. Plus … that means shopping, right???? 😀

The fabric has been completely re-organized. Literally the only thing in the same place is the solids. I’m not 100% happy with the fabric placement, but it’s good enough for now. At least it’s in the house and put away! Once my kits make it into the house, they will be filed in Tupperware bins and will take up residence on the closet floor. I’m going to commit to getting all my purchased kits made after my UFOs are caught up. I’d rather not have stuff stashed everywhere in the future. Yes, my clothes are in the sewing closet for now. The cats are living in the master bedroom closet and with their litter box, so my clothes are in a “fresher” location for the time being. 😀 Evidently, cats need to slowly adjust to new living environments one room at a time and that makes the most sense. It *shouldn’t* be permanent.

You may also have noted that there’s nowhere to set up a sewing machine. That seems like an oversight, right? Well … I have a new sewing desk coming and it should be delivered this week!!!! POSSIBLY EVEN TOMORROW! I’m going to put the desk in the middle of the room so I can sit on either side to do sewing. Dual sewing machine setup, anyone?? 😀 I’ll be able to piece AND quilt simultaneously!!! I am so looking forward to it and love that I have the space to comfortably do that!

This is all I have to share with you today, but next week should be exciting!!! If I do get the desk this week, I have lots to be working on right away!


Block-of-the-Month · Piecing

Public Service Announcement

I don’t know where you are right now, but here where I am, we are getting snow, snow, and more snow. I’ve literally been shovelling every day the past week except for yesterday. While it is a good work out, we’re starting to run out of places to store the excess snow. It’s madness! Of course, Snowdog thinks it’s amazing. He is asking for walks all day long. At least someone is happy!

Snow-covered Snowdog

This past weekend was the Crazy Quilter’s virtual retreat, so I took the opportunity to get my Tula blocks all finished up! I swear it took me twice as along to cut everything as it did to sew it together, but I did manage to get it all done! I was super excited about this month because I’ve been wanting to make two particular blocks for some time now. What do you think?

I was VERY happy with how they turned out! I originally wanted to make the bee block using a face out of the De La Luna line, but only once face would have fit in the 4” opening and it would have been very tight. When I matched up the face, there just wasn’t enough contrast between any of the three blocks. Since I’ve already cut into my All Stars collection, I decided to go with the bee print. I like how the two colours compliment each other. I think I made the right choice!

Once again – sorry for the short-and-sweet blog post. I also have to apologize in advance for being absent for the next week or two because … WE’RE MOVING!!! We put a bid in on a house at the start of January and it was accepted, so we will be moving all this coming week. My sewing room will be the last room to get put back together and organized. My wonderful husband is spoiling me with one of the biggest bedrooms as my sewing room and he’s getting me a new sewing table! It will not get delivered until the end of the month. My office space and my sewing space will once again be separate, so I won’t have a place to set up the sewing machines until I get the table delivered and installed, so I may not have any updates for this site for the first little bit. Don’t fret, though – I will be back and I will have lots more to talk about!!!


Piecing · UFO

Christmas Fig Finish!

Not to give away the post plot, but … I’m done the blocks!!!! YAY!!!

Last block in the list was the Tree of Life. I started the HSTs last week, so the boring part of the piecing was out of the way! I just had to make sure all the triangles were pointing the same way before sewing them together. It went together like a dream. I was even able to spin all the seams on the back! Now I’m wishing I took a picture of that … I did take a picture of the tree trunk before attaching it. I think it looks like an arrow!

That officially means that all my Christmas Fig blocks are done!! Now I just have to square up all the blocks to the right size, put in the sashing, and I’ll have a finished “flimsy”. I just learned that some parts of the world call a finished quilt top a flimsy. Still learning new things here! I like the term. It may show up again. 😉 Now I have to decide if I’m actually going to give up that quilt to the intended owner.

All the finished blocks – PACKED away!

Sorry for the short update this week. Next week – the Tula Pink blocks!! I’m so excited. I have the Tula fabric all picked out. I may even get started before the weekend!


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Slogging Through

My goal for this weekend was to finish off the remaining Christmas Fig blocks. Spoiler: I didn’t make it, but I can see that finish line coming strong!

After my struggles last week, I decided to start off with the easiest block first. I have three blocks left – the Flying Geese Criss Cross block (ain’t that a mouthful), the Feathered Star block, and the Tree of Life block. I’m saving the Tree of Life block for last – it just seems fitting. The easiest of the two remaining blocks is by far the Flying Geese Criss Cross block. It took me less than 2 hours to put it together and the bulk of that time was spent on the flying geese blocks. I’m not super enthused with this block. It’s yet another example that I didn’t take colour value into account. Even though these two fabrics compliment each other probably better than any other fabrics I paired from this bundle, the light coloured fabrics blend into the background fabric too much. It would have been better to go with white fabrics or just use different fabrics for this pattern, but that how we learn.

On to the Feathered Star block! It doesn’t look much like a feathered star to me. In fact, if it were up to me, I’d call it the Sawtooth Star. Unfortunately, there’s already a block called that. If you compare the two, the Feathered Star looks much more sawtooth-y. I’m calling mine Sawtooth.

I honestly think this was the most challenging block in the book. Some of the others would be very close (the Puzzle block and the Milky Way block come to mind), but this one was most challenging to me, in no small part due to using directional fabric. Thankfully, the pattern was somewhat easy to conceal on the smaller pieces, but I had to make sure the eight big triangles were all flowing in the right direction. You’ll see later.

The first challenge was getting all the blocks sorted and moving in the correct direction. I love having a design wall for this sort of work!!! I know other people have boards about the size of a piece of paper that they arrange their blocks on for piecing. If I am in a place where my design wall is not directly beside my sewing machine, I will absolutely do this as well. It is so handy to be able to arrange it before sewing it to make sure it’s going the right direction. Most of my Sunday was taken up with making the half-square triangles (HSTs) and arranging them on the wall. I decided to make some of the outer blocks before calling it quits and honestly – the wall made life easy. If you’re in to quilting, please please do some form of this. It’s so much better than laying them out on the table – I promise!

Here in Ontario, we had a long weekend! Yay!! That meant I could do more quilting on Monday! First step was to make the remaining outer blocks, which was a snap. Then on to the four inner blocks!!! This is where directional fabric got the better of me. As you can see, the blocks I made last night clearly have dots streaming upwards. There are four more big triangles in the middle with the streaming dots. I got one done, then on a whim I decided to toss it on the wall to see how it worked. Am I ever glad I did!! I had it backwards! So I ripped it off, sewed it back on so the dots were going the right way, then made a second block. Have you ever heard of measure twice, cut once? Well, in quilting, you need to check two blocks, then make one quilt. 😀 My wall experience had spooked me, so I decided to take all the blocks I had made so far and put them up on the wall in the configuration I’d need them to go, just to be sure … and if I didn’t have those two fabrics backwards again!!! I need to mention here – ripping them off and sewing them back on would not have worked here except for the fact that I was working with batiks. The fun part of batik fabric is that there is no back and front to the fabric. The dye goes through to both sides so you can use either side. That made flipping these blocks around possible!

Once I finally got all my dots streaming the same way, I quickly whipped the rows together and voila – Sawtooth the block! I love that you can see the two focus fabrics interacting with each other much more in this block as there is less background fabric. The colours really are pretty. 10 out of 10, would totally make this block again. It’s a lot of effort, but I think it really looks nice.

Sawtooth The Block!

On a parting note, I still have one block left – the Tree of Life. I’ve been dealing with back pain this week due to a very old car accident from my college days that comes back to haunt me once in a while, so I was taking lots of breaks in the piecing process. I did manage to get all the HSTs made before calling it quits. I just need to cut them, press them open, and I’m ready to start piecing that tree!


Block-of-the-Month · Piecing · UFO

Nothing to Fear Except Fear Itself

And appliqué. No, I take it back. Appliqué should fill your soul with unholy dread. Fear is too mild a feeling.

One of the reasons the Christmas Fig BOTM project was so easy to sideline were the next two blocks: Carolina Lily and the Triple Lily. They both had appliqué that could not be left out. The first was lots of little appliqué and the second was a big appliqué on curved pieces. Ohhhhh I did not want to start on those two blocks … so it only made sense to make those two blocks my UFO goals for February. Why just two blocks? Oh, I have reasons …

But first the blocks!! I decided to start on the Triple Lily block during Crazy Quilter’s monthly sewing retreat in January. I was very happily surprised that I was fussing over nothing!! The lily blooms were very fun to piece for starters. Because I’ve gotten to the end of the book, I was able to pick whatever fabric I wanted that I had enough scrap of. I decided to re-use the Rolling Stone block fabric because I wanted the blooms to be the same from a distance, but the same up close. I like how they look! When it came to making the stem (curved bias seams appliquéd on), it was so easy and took no time at all! I glued them to the fabric, then did a simple blanket stitch on both sides. I felt like a pro!! And I now had the confidence to move on to the scarier block – the Carolina Lily. As you can see, I still have to trim off the excess fabric before the Triple Lily is complete. The book said to trim it before assembling the block, but I figured it was better to leave it on and cut it to size afterwards.

That same evening, I started in on the Carolina Lily. I got the blooms and bloom base (whatever that part of a flower is called) all put together. I pinned the appliqué on the donkey (HAHA … ohhhh my jokes make me laugh … too bad they’re just funny to me). Then I called it a night and left the unholy dread portion for the next weekend. I mean – I’d done most of the work already, right? It would be a piece of cake!

And unholy dread, it was. Due to my overwhelming success with the curved biased appliqué, I decided to do a satin stitch again. Problem #1 – I did not stabilize anything. I’d love to say that I thought I didn’t need to, but the painfully honest truth is I plain forgot how necessary that is. I won’t ever forget again. Problem #2 – I got cocky. Hands up – who is surprised??? Well … I did not too bad for first half inch. Then the fabric started rolling up underneath itself while I simultaneously discovered I can’t go smoothly around a circle. It was … truly awful. I should have taken a picture, but I was so horrified by the end result that I started ripping it out before I finished cutting it off the sewing machine. You can see the holes below how far off the rails I went. Surprisingly, I was actually able to salvage the fabric and re-do it using the tried-and-true blanket stitch. Time will tell how well these little pieces hold up with use and washings, but for tonight’s post, I’m happy enough with the end product to call this block “Done”.

I decided to give myself a little break and do a quick, easy block to make myself feel like I went the extra mile this month. This is called the pineapple block. I simply LOVE how these colours turned out! I find this block mesmerizing. It makes me want to keep this quilt when I’m done … or maybe just this block? No M – don’t be selfish! You can’t keep all your favourites!

My Pretty Pineapple Block